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You’ve decided that now is the time to begin your application decommissioning project and we’d like to give you 5 reasons to consider XERA | AD as your enterprise information archive.

5 Reasons to Consider XERA | AD for Your Application Decommissioning Project

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iCONECT-XERA is a secure, intuitive, multi-browser information archive that enables hospitals to archive and access their legacy information, records and documents alike.

Customiazation Chameleon

3. Customization

Configure our “Timeline View” to match your patient chart standards:  set the tab color, tab text, tab sequence, and document type filtering to present protected health information in a familiar patient chart format.



We provide a modern interface to directly pull content and records from your legacy systems.  Using our interface, you can also directly access the repository from your enterprise EHR, enabling clinicians to quickly view legacy patient data with ease. 

Suport Beams

4. Support

AT iCONECT, we understand that each provider has somewhat different needs; some prefer that all applications reside behind their firewall, within their data center, managed by their staff while others prefer that the archive be a “black box”, available 24/7, in the cloud, managed by archive specialists.

Global Experience

5. Experience

With over 16 years of web-based document and data archiving experience, a list of clients and projects that span the globe, and a national network of partners specializing in healthcare ETL and scanning projects, making iCONECT your partner will help you implement your application decommissioning strategy.

Bonus Fruit Selection

6. Bonus Features

With Release of Information workflow including automated PDF generation, “timeline view” to present PHI in a familiar patient chart format, mobile access, multi-language interface, analytics, and our unique dashboard, it’s easy to see why iCONECT is continuing to innovate – and in turn helping healthcare reduce costs and improve service quality through application decommissioning.

Scale to Billions Grocery Carts

1. Scale to Billions of Records

Your legacy applications have been managing protected health information for years – accumulating content year over year.  These systems, taken together, typically contain hundreds of millions of records and documents.  With XERA|AD you can archive all of your applications and easily scale to billions of records, safely and with full audit.

FREE RFP Toolkit
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Get your free RFP toolkit to help you choose your application decommissioning vendor.

Download this informative toolkit – complete with:

  • the practical, “Getting the Most Out of Your Application Decommissioning Partnership, Formulating your RFP” white paper,

  • an easy to read “8 Tough Questions for your Application Decommissioning Partner” infographic and

  • an Excel file that provides a template of essential functions and features that you can use to create your own RFP.

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